Ashwincarra is a sub-team that specifically competes in international UAV competitions every year. Continuing previous research, Ashwincarra designed an unmanned vehicle or UAV of the Fixed Wing type to take part in the TEKNOFEST International UAV Competition 2024 at Turkey. The mission given is in the form of loitering and dropping the payload at a point in a fully autonomous manner. 


Team Leader : 

Hansya Fa’iq Muhammad Zharif

(Mechanical Engineering 2021)

Mechanics : 

1.  Hansya Fa’iq Muhammad Zharif

(Mechanical Engineering 2021)

2. Arya Putra Pratama 

(Mechanical Engineering 2021) 

Electrician : 

Wildan Abizar M 

(Electrical Engineering 2021) 

Programmer : 

1. Petrus Kurniawan Kleden

(Nuclear Engineering 2021)

2. Mario C.S. Pati

(Nuclear Engineering 2021)

Pilot : 

Muhammad Tanta Rivansyah

(Electronics and Instrumentation 2022)

Manager : 

Sheli Aprilia Nurazizah

(Industrial Engineering 2022)

Media : 

Titis Wahyudi Putro

(Internet Engineering Technology 2023)