The Fiachra Aeromapper sub-team focuses on Fixed Wing vehicles. Fixed Wing vehicles can fly manually or autonomously using a programmed Flight Controller integrated with a Ground Control Station (GCS). The Flight Controller enables the vehicle to fly autonomously based on waypoint coordinates as the route to be followed by the vehicle. The Fiachra Aeromapper team executes several missions, namely mapping, monitoring, and dropping payloads within a 5 km radius from the take-off point.


Team Leader :

Adnan Ghalib

(Mechanical Engineering 2022)

Internal Manager :

Ica Andin Safrilda

(Electronics and Instrumentation 2023)

Pilot : 

Joseph Damarseto

(Geographic Information System 2022)

Mechanics :

Setyaka Panji Utama

(Mechanical Engineering 2022)

Muhammad Rizqy Nurfarhan

(Mechanical Engineering 2022)

Electrician :

Raden Timotius Yanuar A. N.

(Electronics and Instrumentation 2023)

Mochamad Zaky Pradana

(Electrical Engineering 2022)

Telemetry :

Johanes Surya Ananta

(Physics 2022)

Programmer : 

Fuad Agus Salim

(Geographic Information System 2022)

William Surya Putra

(Electronics and Instrumentation 2022)

Media : 

Emir Abe Putra Agastha

(Information Engineering 2022)