Khageswara Propulsion System is a sub-division team Technology Development whose mission is to develop unmanned aircraft or UAV propulsion systems. In 2021, Khageswara Propulsion System carried out three innovation themes in the UAV propulsion system, namely primemover or the driving force of the vehicle, Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), as well as propeller on UAV vehicles. This year, Khageswara Propulsion System continues to develop and update its research results prototype which has already been made.


Team Leader :

M. Anugrah Fadel

(Mechanical Engineering 2021)

Pilot : 

Satria Bhekti Akhisnu

(Instrumentation and Control Engineering 2022)

Manager : 

Mutiara Debora Saragi

(Urban and Regional Planning 2023 – Manager Prime Mover)

Orva Linnisa Husaina

(Physics Engineering 2023 – Manager Electronic Speed Controller)


Subteam Leader :

Rifdian Ammar Rasyid

(Mechanical Engineering 2022)

Members : 

1.  Zahid Risky Rabbani

(Mechanical Engineering 2022 – Mechanics)

2.  Rajafaiq Waliy M. R.

(Mechanical Engineering 2022 – Mechanics)


Subteam Leader :

M. Anugrah Fadel

(Mechanical Engineering 2021)

Members :

1.   Muhammad Hafiz Adi Wijaya

(Mechanical Engineering 2021 – Mechanics)

2.  Andi Muhammad Prawara L

(Mechanical Engineering 2022 – Mechanics)

3.  Rizki Syandana Putra

(Electrical Engineering 2022 – Electrician)

4.  Teguh Suprayogi

(Electrical Engineering Technology 2021 – Electrician)


Subteam Leader :

Muhammad Rafli R

(Information Engineering 2021)

Members :

1.  Danendra Valen A

(Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology 2021 – Electrician)

2.  Muhammad Arifin Wardana

(Electrical Engineering Technology 2022 – Electrician)

3.  M. Akhmal Hendrawan

(Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology 2023 – Electrician)

4.  Muhammad Hifzhon Harundoyo

(Information Engineering 2022 – Hard Programmer)

5.  Raditya Ryan Narotama

(Information Engineering 2023 – Hard Programmer)

6.  Deren Tanaphan

(Information Engineering 2022 – Hard Programmer)

Media : 

Yasin Manik Hawa

(Geographic Information System 2022)