Khageswara Ground Control Station (GCS) is a subteam in GAMAFORCE’s Technology Development division that focuses on the development and innovation of components to support UAVs on the ground. This includes GCS software, antenna tracker systems, and antennas.


Team Leader :

Muhammad Daaffi Ul Haq

Electronics and Instrumentation 2022

Manager :

Shanty Imeldha Seftiani Eka Putri

Physics Engineering 2023

Mechanics  :

Abel Arkananta Hartono

Mechanical Engineering 2021

Electrician :

Unique Sekar Kinanthi

Mechanical Engineering 2022

Muhammad Fadil Amany

Electrical Engineering Technology 2023

VHC Programmer  :

Sulaiman Fawwaz Abdillah Karim

Information Engineering 2022

Software Programmer  :

1. In’am Nurul Fuady

Information Engineering 2021

2. Petrus Aria Chevalier Rambing

Information Engineering 2021

3. Aldy Ardiansyah

Software Engineering 2022

4. Muhammad Daaffi Ul Haq

Electronics and Instrumentation 2022

5. Alex Cinatra Hutasoit

Information Engineering 2022

6. Benaya Imanuela

Information Engineering 2022

7. Marchel Rianra Glendrikho Simanjuntak

Information Engineering 2022

8. Fadel Aulia Naldi

Information Engineering 2023

9. Miftakhul Laily Ananda Putri

Electronics and Instrumentation 2023

Telemetry :

Dimas Fredy Prakasa

Physics Engineering 2021

Pilot :

Muhammad Salman Al-Farisi

Mechanical Engineering Vocational School 2022

Media :

Dias Lintang Prabowo

Software Engineering 2023