Khageswara Airframe Innovation is a sub-team that focuses on creating the latest innovations from various Airframe shapes in UAV development. Airframe innovation can be in the form of the vehicle in general, design, configuration, materials, vehicle manufacturing process, as well as the mechanical concept of how a vehicle can fly. 


This year, Airframe will conduct research on the fuselage section to create a sophisticated UAV that is easy to move, flexible and does not take up much space when stored.


Team Leader  :

Muhammad Fauzan Ekananda

(Mechanical Engineering 2021) 

Manager   :

Amelia Putri Ardela

(Industrial Engineering 2022)

Pilot  :

Satria Bhekti Akhisnu

(Instrumentation and Control Engineering 2022)

Mechanics     :

1. Gilang Radika Utama

(Mechanical Engineering 2021) 

2. Muhammad Fauzan Ekananda

(Mechanical Engineering 2021) 

Electrican    :

1. Hanan Zhafirah Atsir

(Biomedical Engineering 2023)

2. Daniel Imanuel Manafe

(Instrumentation and Control Engineering 2022)

Media  :

Moh. Enrico Mulki Al Fajri

(Engineering Physics 2021)