Rasayana is a Racing Plane subteam at GAMAFORCE which focuses on designing rides with agile, fast, and maneuverable aircraft specifications. This vehicle can be controlled both manually and autonomously with a Flight Controller that has been programmed and integrated into the Ground Control Station (GCS) to perform F.A.T (Fast and On Track) missions or the fastest and on a trajectory that forms a figure of eight. As the main mode of auto take-off mission requirements, Rasayana uses a catapult-type launcher that uses rubber as its main launcher.


Team Leader

Satria Wildan Kurniawan

(Mechanical Engineering 2021 – Mechanical)


Almira Shafira Diani

(Mechanical Engineering 2021 – Mechanical)

Team Member    :

1. Syafiq Abdillah

(Mechanical Engineering 2021 – Mechanical)

2. Muhammad Anugrah Fadel

(Mechanical Engineering 2021 – Mechanical)

3. Novrizal Indratama Rifqi

(Electronic and Instrumentation 2021 – Electronic)

4. Wildan Abizar Muhammad

(Electrical Engineering 2022 – Electronic)

5. Rifqi Afta Ronanda

(Physics Engineering 2021 – Telemetry)

6. Muhammad Salman Al-Farisi

(TPPAB 2022 – Pilot)